VR? Huh? How…what?

Yes, Virtual Reality!

Soon videos in rectangle will be as archaic as live theater.  I’ll explain.  Imagine a camera. It takes a picture or a video and when you watch it, you’re looking at a rectangle, right?  Your TV, your youtube viewing space, your phone, etc.  The camera creates a rectangular image.

Ya know really wide angle lenses?  Like “fish eyes?”  They shoot really wide, like 180 degrees…like this…

fish eye

It’s really wide.  A 360 camera such as the Theta S captures two 180 images , back to back.

ricoh-theta-s-image-profileSee the two wide lenses?

So when you snap a picture, or roll video, it produces THIS…


unstitched vid If you look closely, you’ll see how these two images can be assembled into a 360 spherical image.  So the image isn’t printed on a rectangle, more like the inside of a sphere… a lot like this sphere we know well…


It’s called Equirectangular.

And this format, like any other rectangle can be edited on Adobe Premiere or FCP.
Then, when you view the sphere, like in a phone app in a google cardboard, or on an Oculus Rift, the orientation of the machine tells the software what part of the inside f the sphere to show you, in real time. So you look around the sphere. And boom! You’re in it!

We’re using this wild new technology as part of our play, “Hello, World!” It’s definitely a “Hello, World!” of a play.