So what do we do?

Rehearsals start with “so, what should we do?”

I have an idea, but no more than everyone else in the room, really.  We all know what needs to be worked on and there’s usually only one or two options that come up, which top the list, though many scenes and moments need work.  The group feels the priorities.  The group can think about it and affirm it.  When the players discuss it they remind each other.  With this question, we remind each other that there’s no one to answer to, but the play, as far as we can sense.  I’ve got a unique position as director.  But it’s not my job to sit there and be pleased by how accurately people do what I ask them to do.  It’s my job to introduce a provocation and tell them how their responses turned out, or to guide them into a development.


“so what should we do?”

With this question, I can disarm myself, empower the actors.  Theater making needs an empty space, right?  That includes airspace.

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