We touch who we love.  And we love who we touch.

So the cast needs to touch each other.  We begin every rehearsal with partner rubdowns.  It brings the following benefits:


It feels good.

It gets us distracted from the thoughts we carry into the room.

It gets us to say hello to different parts of our own bodies, sometimes for the first time that day.

It creates trust and humor between us.

It gets us to focus on and care for someone else.

It gets blood moving to the brain, when paired with invigorating inhales and releasing, elongating exhales.

It gets us talking about the state of our bodies that day.

It feels good.

Our emotions and inhibitions are stored in our bodies, in tension.  Allowing that to be physically touched, taps our expressive capacity and risk taking.  Something is penetrated.

So we do rubdowns.  But after a while we graduate into full-on penetration, as captured in the following video.

Fun, right?  The direction is, “get inside him.”

It’s a ritual we carry into tech…